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Guild Policies

Post by Allayna » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:54 pm

Raid Policy

Raid times

Our normal raid times are Sunday 5:45 EST - 9:00 PM EST and Monday 6:45 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST

* Some days we raid Monday and Tuesday at 6:45 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST in the event a holiday arises.

* During beta and progression we make every effort to raid as much as possible. This includes raiding lockout to lockout which could vary in times and days.

* Be Ready to Raid on Time. Be ready to raid at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled on time. Do not start a task within 45 minutes prior to raids, even if you think you can finish it before raids start.

* Post in the away posts section of the forums or send a text/call before you miss a raid. Real Life happens, we understand, but there is almost always time let someone know about it first. Failure to post or notify leadership in some way that you will be absent will result in warnings and fines. This does not apply to real life emergencies such as hospitalizations, deaths in the family or sudden deployments. The timeframe for emergency notification is up to 48 hours after the missed raids. This applies to scheduled away time such as work, school and vacations.

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 5K MSP
3rd Offense - 10K MSP
4th Offense - Required to be Listed next raid day/no loot rights/no attendance/no points

Note: If you reach 4rd Offense and decide, “I’m not doing that”, prepare to reach immediate retirement or de-guilding at leadership discretion. This policy is being enacted because of repeated AFKs from game without notice.

* Be Ready to Move. Guild banners are great, but they require 12 people to run there first. That means you. No one is too good not to move to the next event to plant the banner.

* Be Up to Date. Level 110 is required to raid. AA is required to raid, the amount and distribution that is required varies depending on class. Having the current expansion and the necessary flags are required to raid. If you do not meet the requirements to raid, you do not meet the requirements to list and receive credit.

* Don't Train the Raid. This includes failing an emote that wipes the raid. Training happens, but should not happen often. If you find that your invisibility has dropped and that mobs are chasing you, you will be best off dying. That being said, if you train, the following apply at the Raid Leader's discretion:

-Training without killing anyone: Warning and possible fine if it happens repeatedly.
-Training and killing anyone, MS or not: - 10K MSP
-Training and wiping the raid: - 50K MSP

* Don't Try to Fake it. Having someone else play your character and pretend to be you for points/attendance/loot, or doing the same for others, will result in immediate termination of your application or loss of looting rights for a full member.

* Don't Ninja AFK. We won’t stop the bus because you fell off. If your house is on fire, call Emergency Services and run outside. If you need to use the bathroom, change a baby, make dinner, etc. inform the leadership or speak up in /gu or notify an officer or your group first.

* During raids, there will be AFK checks prior to engage. Failure to move during an AFK check will result in leadership calling your name in teamspeak. If you haven’t notified leadership that you are taking a brief AFK and do not respond, you will be removed from the raid/instance and forfeit the last targets attendance/points. The same applies if you aren’t in the zone during an AFK check.


Failure to inform the leadership or /gu before going AFK will result in:

1. A warning via Teamspeak by calling your name
2. Loss of the event's MSP/attendance as well as the previous target and will be listed
3. Loss of the day's MSP/attendance and/or Loss of bidding rights
4. Retirement/Deguilding (in extreme cases)

Emote Failure

Emotes are a part of raiding. Channeling through an emote, failure to move to the correctly designated area, or repeatedly dying to raid emotes will result in fines and or listing without points / attendance if it jeopardizes our ability to defeat the target. Leadership provides GINA triggers and we utilize teamspeak to call emotes. Applicants in their first raid cycle are exempt from this policy as they are learning to raid with us. Some events will require Simon Says - like emote checking before engage. Repeated failure during these times will be handled like failing an emote during the actual event. Special circumstances arise and will NOT be fined and are understood by leadership, i.e. double emote calls.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offfense: -5K MSP
3rd Offense: -5K MSP and player to list
4th Offense: -10K MSP and player to list

Teamspeak Code of Conduct

* Before raids there are no restrictions on chatting in Teamspeak.

* During raids between events there are no restriction on chatting in Teamspeak. The only thing we ask it that you show each other respect while we are between events. What I mean is simple, if someone is speaking don't interrupt them. Wait for them to finish before you start talking please.

* Mid-event during raids there are restrictions on speaking. We need everyone to be brief when speaking. If you die we don't need a 20 to 30 word explanation during the fight. If you die say your name and the word down. If someone else dies and you believe that we need to know right away then say their name and the word down. If you see something that you are "positive" is going to wipe the raid speak up quickly, but when you do speak up make sure your right and make sure your statement is brief. Mid-event is not a time for debate. If you have issues you wish to discuss during the fight is not the right time to discuss them. If you feel your issues are too important to wait send a tell to leadership. Mid-event is not the time to chat about things that are not directly related to the event we are doing.

* After the raids are finished for the night there are no restrictions on chatting in Teamspeak.

* If a player becomes too much of a disruption they will be told to stop. Failure to stop is failure to follow raid instruction. Failure to follow raid instruction will land you on performance review. Arguing about being asked to stop will land you in our drama policy. Our goal isn't to shut people up. Our goal is to have less chatter disrupting the raid leadership from disseminating information the raid needs and beat events quickly.


The goal of Machin Shin is to consistently be at the top of the game and have fun while doing it. It is not our goal to fine the piss out of everyone. Perform consistently and MS will continue to smoke the competition.

Code of Conduct


*Drama makes people less effective as a group, especially when raiding. Disagreements happen between people all the time, but those should be kept in tells as much as possible and not brought in front of the entire guild. If an issue persists despite trying to resolve it in tells, please bring it up with a Class Leader, Officer, or the Guild Leader and DO NOT bring it up in public channels. Public channels include Teamspeak, Guild or any open access forum.

Drama includes, but is not limited to:

- Public disagreements with anyone
- Refusing to do one's job because you're angry or don't want to work with someone
- Accusations of KS'ing/training (if proven or a repeated pattern)
- Harassing other players, particularly about bids
- Intentionally provoking another player in public channels
- Pouting because something did not go your way / someone did not take your advice
- Ranting in /gu , Public forums or public channels.
- Rage quitting during an event

Those who do any of the above will be told to stop by a Class Leader, Officer, or Guild Leader and have a meeting with Guild leader and/or officers. If the behavior stops, the matter is dropped and no further action will be taken. If the behavior persists, leadership will be involved again and if a solution can not be reached it will be up to the Guild Leadership discretion and could lead to removal from the guild.

As a guideline for escalation of the drama policy:

1. Person will be told to stop.
2. Person will be mediated by officers. Fines may assessed and taken from your MSP. Fines will be steep and up to leadership discretion.
3. Person will be de-guilded.

* There is no required timeline of progression of the above.

* Members of Machin Shin need to understand that we are adults, therefore we do not tolerate childish actions and we ask that you act like an adult about every situation that arises. If the situation arises between another member, ignore them and talk to a higher up about the situation and we will speak with them about it.

* If the only resolution is de-guilding a member:

1. Explanation will be provided to the member as to why they are being de-guilded.
2. Personal items that are in the guild hall, i.e. teleport anchors will be sent via parcel to the de-guilded member.

*Machin Shin is a Zero Tolerance guild when it comes to cheating.

- Examples are Macro quest and exploits.

Performance Policy

* A call for Performance Review can be made by the Guild Leader, Officer, or Class Leader of the person in question. This call for review should be posted in the performance review suggestion section of the forums. This post will lay out the issues in question, backed up by parses, cast logs, and screenshots as much as possible.

Review Warning

* In cases where someone is not performing up to par: DPS (within 80% of what your class can produce), cast number, emote failure, ignoring instructions, excessive/repeated AFK, or general failure to perform class duties on raids; A warning will be given about an upcoming performance review for the person in question. They will be given 1 raid cycle to correct their issues AND remain corrected. Failure to correct those issues will result in an official review.

Official Review Status

*Once under official review status, the Guild Leadership will inform the person in question that they are going under official performance review. The review process will then be explained to them clearly making sure they understand everything involved. This phase will be handled privately by the leadership.

* The person under review will then be given 2 raid cycles to correct their issues. The goal is to get the member in question through every event we do at least once each. Progress reports will be documented in the performance review forum by their class leader after each raid night. The person under review will not sit during this process. The member in question is also required to speak with their class leader if the performance review is relating to DPS.

* During review of the member, other members should not know about the review process as it is private. No one will not treat them with disrespect or start drama with them. We are here to encourage them to perform not aggravate them. Current members that harass other members under review will find themselves in violation of the drama policy, if the action persists leadership have the right to act on that member.

The Final Review

*Once the 2-week performance review ends a final review will be issued. This judgment will be passed by a panel consisting of leadership members directly involved in the person's review. Review panels will generally have 5 members. This panel will be convened only if the guild leadership deems it necessary. If the player corrects their issues there will be no need for a panel, the member will be returned to regular member status. Anyone who goes through this official review Status and passes then falls back into warning stage again later will be subject of removal.

* Members that are under performance review revoke their rights to loot, period.


* If you are placed under review, do not take it as a personal attack. The review process is intended to help you as well as the guild. Reacting angrily, harassing those attempting to help you, or causing drama will not be tolerated. At any time, the guild leader can issue a warning. If drama persists then the member can be subject to termination from the guild.

* Disappearing during your review period will not be tolerated and may result in your immediate removal from guild. (Ducking the review process)

Maximum application period

* The maximum application period is 60 days, unless there is an excused absence. If an applicant cannot manage to become eligible for membership within 60 days, then they need to re-apply later when they can commit to the normal applicant cycle.

Looting Policy

Loot Distribution

* Machin Shin uses an open bid DKP auction system. Bids are done via guild chat which is to remain clear while bidding is happening. Additionally bids will be done in /rs to expedite loot.

Getting Points

* To be eligible to receive points and attendance for an event, it must be an official raid. You must be present and not AFK for the entire event, or, if added partway through an event, you must be present and not AFK for at least 50% of the event. The only exception to this rule is if the leadership adds someone to a non-full raid, before the end of the event, and said person added is in zone to take part before the victory. To receive points and attendance from list, you must not be afk when it is time to rotate in classes.

Until an event has been won, every attempt earns points and attendance. After an event has been defeated (farm), wipes or resets under 5 minutes duration will not be counted.

Pending Points

* While the points page is updated in real time usually, occasionally we can get behind. When that happens the following applies: Points that have yet to be added to the point list ARE NOT counted. However, Items Purchased but not yet recorded ARE counted. To reiterate:


* If either your points are negative (making you ineligible) OR you bid at the inappropriate level (FM > 70% when your attendance is 69%), you will receive a WARNING, repeated offenses will be taken as failure to follow raid instructions/policies and will land you with fines/performance review. It is YOUR responsibility to know your current points/attendance. The officer team works hard to keep them updated in real-time.

Eligibility for Bidding

* In order to bid for an item from a specific event, you must have been in the raid and active for at least 50% of the event. If in list, you must not be afk during the fight. Those in raid who go link-dead and miss 50% of the event or more may still bid on items from that event.

* On the applicant's first raid cycle they will be restricted from looting at applicant status unless the item is at ROT level.

* Applicant's cannot bid for their alts during the application period unless they are fully current expansion raid geared.

* In the event your applicant status is extended related to dps/cast log/healing or tanking parses or general performance, you will fall under performance review and not be entitled to loot unless it is at ROT status.

* There will be no need to post in performance review related to this change as it affects only applicants and we already have a private thread for that.

* To bid for your Raid Alt or Alts your main must have 17/21 pieces of gear in the current expansion's raid gear. Exceptions are BiS from a previous expansion ie chase TBM face, or invested items. Those items would count as part of the 17/21 requirement.

* To bid for your Raid Alt or Alt, your attendance must be above the attendance to bid.

* During deep farm season, we reserve the right to reduce the required attendance to bid to 60%. This allows us to continue to clear the expansion but also allows people the opportunity to spend time outside for summer or with family, rather than risk retirement.

Bid Etiquette

* Do not talk in the guild chat channel or raid say during bids unless you are bidding. If you have something to say, say it in ANY other channel. Parses...we're looking at you!

* Do not interfere with another person's bid, unless it's clearly in error, including in chat or in tells. Harassing someone about their bid is also not allowed and will result in a fine/drama policy.

* Be Ready to Loot. You may not bid for an alternate character or a friend in a situation that would slow down the raid considerably. If someone takes too long the item will be looted and destroyed and you may still be charged at the discretion of Leadership.

Bidding Process

* The order of priority for bidding is: Mains with over 70% 30-day attendance > Mains with under 70% 30-day attendance > Applicants/Returning Retired Members > Raid Declared Alternate Characters > Mains bidding for Luck > Alternate Characters (must be level 110) > Rot/Bidding to sell back to vendor/FnF/Alternate Characters under level 110, Un-guilded Characters.

FM > 70%, FM < 70%, APP, RA, FM LUCK, ALT, ROT

* Bidding will primarily start with a bid of "Minimum" (though you can start higher) and then increase from there based on pre-defined Bid Increments.

*Tradeskill Items

*Items like the Flawless Conflagrant Diamonds for raid Tradeskill gear are bid off like all other loot. FM > 70, FM < 70, App, Raid Alt, FM Luck, Alt, Rot.
For Mains: The guild will make the combine kit for you.
For Alts: You will need to make your own kit or ask someone in the guild to loot a diamond to make you a kit. Either way, both diamonds are bid at the ALT level. If you are caught bidding @ main to make a kit for your alt rather than waiting for the appropriate bid level, you'll be FINED HEAVILY.

Note: During farm periods to expedite bidding, after most Mains do not want an item and the item(s) from that raid or tier stop getting actively bid on, the bidding order will become Applicants/Returning Retired > Raid Alts > FM Luck > Alts > Rot/FNF. In the event a full member DOES want to bid on an item that had the Full Member bidding phases skipped, they get precedence over any applicant bidding. (Meaning they bid at min and no applicant can challenge this bid only another full member can bid against them).

Minimum Bids

* A Minimum Bid is the amount you are charged for winning an uncontested item. This value is pre-determined for all items that drop from specific targets, (ie normal items), as well as cultural drops. Items that are not from specific raid targets will always have a minimum bid of 5K MSP (ie runes, quest drops).

Current Minimum Bid Chart and Exceptions

5K regardless of whether main or alt, new or old expansion.

The thought behind this is that if it's important enough for you to want it/slow down the raid, then it's important enough to pay for it.

* In the case that no one with enough MSP to bid on an item is willing to bid, those with less than the minimum cost will be allowed to bid and go into negatives without penalty at "min" cost. * In the case of more than one bidder, the bidder with the highest msp will be awarded the item at "min" cost. (This may apply to apps, who may not initially have enough MSP to bid on an item going to apps.) You are not allowed to go negative even at "min" cost bidding on loot for anyone but your main (Alts or Friends). or points/attendance/loot, or doing the same to theirs, will result in immediate termination of your application. The same applies to Full Members.

Multiple Items

* If two identical items drop, the winners will be the two highest bids. In the case of two identical bids and one higher, the first to bid the lower number and the higher number are the winners.

Flagging Related Drops

* Drops related to zone flagging that drop during raids will be handled by guild leadership, based PRIMARILY on 30 day raid attendance percentage among those who attended the raid. Only if no mains (including apps) can be found needing the flagging item will alts even be considered, and even then alts who are actively boxed on raids may receive preferential treatment based on guild need.

* There is no limit to the number of items you can win each raid outside of your current points.

Retracting Bids

* If you retract a winning bid that forces the item to be rebid you may be at the discretion of the guild leader/raid leader/loot caller. There is no penalty for retracting a bid still in progress.


* Overbids are not allowed. You may only bid up to your current MSP. Any overbids during the auction will immediately be retracted, and the over-bidder warned. Ignoring over-bidding policy may lead to a temporary removal of bidding rights. If an item is looted with an overbid, the person overbidding will be subject to a fine of two (2) times the amount they overbid by. The ONLY exception to this rule is if no one else is bidding on an item and you are able to win it for minimum. This particularly applies to applicants, who may not have the required MSP.

Trash Drops

* All platinum, gems, ornaments, cash loot, and tradeskill items that drop during raids should be turned in to the guild bank or officers. Anyone caught looting platinum, gems, tradeskill items, or cash loot and not turning it in will be permanently banned from looting those items on raids.

Zero Points Policy

* The day a person makes full member they will keep any positive points they have amassed during there app process. If their point total is negative we zero their total the day their app ends. Points spent on alts by applicants will not be wiped. The purpose of the point wipe is to encourage applicants to bid/gear quickly while gear is going to Alt without the applicant becoming so negative that they will not be competitive until next expansion. It was never intended to be a way for applicants to gear their Alts for free while FMs pay.

Wrong Item Looting

* Any item that has been bid off and awarded to one member and is looted by another member on accident, will carry a fine of twice the value for the person who looted it. This is a change in policy and is required because GMs no longer entertain fixing looting issues with raids.


* During progression priority will be given to people who have 100% raid attendance for new spells, they will be charged the minimum bid of 5K MSP. Once determined by leadership, spells will go to bid in the normal ranking FM > 70%, FM < 70%, APP, RA, ALT, and ROT. The minimum bid is 5K MSP and minimum bid up is 1K MSP. Spells for alternate characters are allowed but WILL NOT slow down the raid. If it is found that ALT looting of spells is slowing the raid, they will be looted by the loot master and destroyed.

List Policy

Raid List

* If the raid has filled, you can receive MSP and attendance by joining the raid after the raid window is set and the instance has been obtained. You MUST be in the bottom of the raid window to get credit. Going to the list is not an option. If you need to list, i.e., you have to walk your fish and will be back within 1 event, accommodations can be made IF the raid is full.

AFK Checks

* During raids, there will be AFK checks prior to engage. Failure to move during an AFK check will result in leadership calling your name in teamspeak. If you haven’t notified leadership that you are taking a brief AFK and do not respond, you will be removed from the raid/instance and forfeit the last targets attendance/points. The same applies if you aren’t in the zone during an AFK check.

Getting in Raid

* Members will be moved from list to the raid and vice versa on criteria determined by leadership, to include the class leaders, per event. When applicable: flagging, class, gear level, aa count, performance, full member status, and raid attendance may be used in determining who to add to the raid. You are expected to accept any raid invitation as quickly as possible. If you do not, there is no guarantee you will get in later.

Mid-Raid Credit

* If you are invited to raid in the middle of an event, you will need to be with the raid at least 50% of the event to receive points and attendance. If you are removed from the raid just prior or during an event, let the pointskeeper know.

Additional Requirements

* You must be on your main character, unless approved to raid your alt by leadership.
* Let someone in group, leadership, or raid leader know that you will be AFK.
* You must own the expansion we are raiding.
* You must be the required level, AA, and have the required flags.
* Leaving raid or list mid-event due to personal issues with another member or leadership is automatically forfeiting points and attendance for the night.

Missing Credit

* If you were in raid or on list but did not receive credit for it, please post in the Points Adjustment section of the forums with the date, time, and which events you are missing. In some cases, the pointskeepers cannot update points in real time, so it is helpful if you make sure that the event has actually been posted prior to requesting points for it. Also, if there is a credit issue, please wait until after raids to discuss it with the pointskeepers.

Main Change Policy

Requirements to main change include:

* Have A Lifetime or 60 day attendance of 80% or higher.

* You can only main change to a class with an opening or main change to another class if we have an overflow of that class and be an exceptional player on the class you are trying to switch to.

* Be ready to raid on that character as any member required to raid with Machin Shin.

* Pass a trial period. This trial will last 2 to 4 raid cycles depending on how fast the person adapts to their new class and roles on raids. A leadership vote will be taken once the person reaches this point. This vote will include raid performance, character upgrading, being involved in the class channel, and being able to take constructive criticism from the class leader if changes are suggested or issues arise.

* Be prepared to stick with the change. If you main change you will not be allowed to do so again for a minimum of 12 months.

Bidding While under a Main Change

* Main changes will bid at app level until you pass the trial period. If you are main changing under the exceptional player clause you will bid as listed below.

Main changes that have been requested by leadership and raided on official raids:

- Crucial to keeping raids going (critical class)
- Perform fluently with that class and will be able to switch immediately
- Required to play in group and show that they can play beforehand and it is the responsibility of the member switching to talk to the class leader about how to play efficiently on a raid.
- Show character development appropriate to an end game raiding guild.

* If those conditions are met, the main change will be immediate and bidding will be at the FM level.

* Main changes once passed, the previous main immediately and automatically becomes the designated raid alt for a period of 6 months. After 6 months the person may post to designate a new raid alt if they desire.

Retired/Inactive Policy

Machin Shin is a raiding guild. Members are expected to be online for raids as much as possible and are expected to assist the raid force if online during raid times. Life happens, and we all understand that. For those who can no longer make that commitment, the following policies apply:

Voluntary Retirement

* Players who make an official retirement post are considered retired immediately. They forfeit their MSP 60 days after their last raid and full member forum access is changed to retired immediately. However, they will be able to raid if the raid is not full but will not accrue MSP and will be removed when a full member logs in.

* If an officially retired player wishes to return to raiding there must be a spot for them to re-apply. Posting that you are returning is no guarantee that you will be able to return. Returning retired is approved by the leadership. Members that return will be considered an app and be required to meet the same standards that an app would have. Retired Returning players must maintain raid attendance at 70% or above during their returning period and will bid at app level. Retired Returning that ALSO are main changing must post an official application.

Retirement status

* Members will be considered an active full member only if their raid attendance remains above 50% for 60-day period. If a player drops below 50%, they will be considered retired and all retired policies apply including forfeiture of MSP.

* Members who drop below 25% for 30-day period will now be considered retired as well rather than waiting the full 60-day period to open up that slot for recruitment. If you have to retire or afk from the game for an extended period, we ask that you let the guild know.

* Members under certain circumstances will be able to retain full membership and be able to bid at under 70% during the bidding process. These extraordinary circumstances are approved by leadership and consideration will be given to members who showed dedication during beta, progression, etc.

* Players that meet the follow are REQUIRED to post that they will be absent. If we do not know what is going on, leadership will have the right to set you as retired and you must re-apply. If we know what is going on you will be able to retain all your MSP and stature in the guild, however, you will still need to update your character depending how long you have been gone.

- Military duty
- Hospitalization
- Death/Illness of a family member.

Friends and Family Policy

Despite our focus on endgame raiding, Machin Shin is a family oriented guild. As such, if you have friends or family members you wish to be guilded with, they may be invited under certain conditions:

* They must be either close family of a current, active, member (Wife/Husband, Son/Daughter, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, etc.) or friends with at least 2 current active MS members. The member(s) must vouch for them, and will be listed in guild notes by their name, after "FnF".

* Children may be tagged under said FnF policy, however no special censure will be provided for guild-chat or anything else related to Machin Shin. Outbursts from said children will also not be tolerated. Do not ask us to FnF tag your child unless you understand there will be things said in guild chat that could offend them or teach them language that you do not want them to know.

* They must read all guild policy and conduct rules, represent the guild as well as any member, and acknowledge their understanding of such to the Guild Leader or an Officer before being given an invite.

* Friends and family may attend raids given the situation that we are not full and that they understand they can be kicked for a full member at any time. They must understand raid mechanics/emotes/etc and not be a detriment to the raid force. Any drama about being removed from a raid can be grounds for removal from guild.

* Friends and family may get loot; however, someone in the guild must bid for them at rot for the privilege to loot

* If any behavioral issues arise, they will be subject for removal. They will be talked to by an officer or leader and if they continue, they can be removed from guild.

* All FnF requests are subject to approval by the Guild Leader/Officers, regardless of everything listed above.

Reading and Understanding the Guild Policies

* Upon being tagged and/or upon accepting your first raid invite, you must say in guild chat, "I do not wear PINK armor" ....otherwise you will be required to wear PINK armor for your entire app as proof you failed to read instructions.