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Machin Shin Open Raiding Information
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Open Raid Template

Post by Allayna » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:57 pm

The only requirement to attend is level 105 plus enough gear and AA to survive and contribute. The other caveat to Machin Shin running open raids is that repeated obvious afk or raid wiping failure to follow instructions will not be tolerated. Those caught just joining and afking until the /randoms will be booted and will be added to my /ignore.

The targets for now will be Vim and Vigor, Wither and Decay, Grannus and Emollious if enough flagged arrive. We'd like to start open raiding EoK T1. Older raids may come up as well as many need achievements!

Loot Rules are as follows. All items are open roll. You can play your main and roll for your alt. You can roll for whatever toon you wish. But you may not roll for multiple toons. If you start out rolling for alt X you will be rolling for alt X the whole night. That means if you join the raid and intend to roll for any other toon besides the one your playing you will need to announce it before we kill the first raid boss. Example: /rs I will be rolling for alt X tonight. Allayna tells the raid I will be rolling for alt X tonight. We will ask everyone who they are rolling for a few minutes before we engage the first boss. If you join the raid later in the evening please announce that you're rolling for a different toon when you join. Please make sure whatever toon you are rolling for is logged in and ready to come loot. We will not be waiting around for 15 minutes for you to load it.

Items: You can win 1 spell, 1 visible item, and 1 non-visible per raid night. Boxes and bags will be a separate roll at the end of the night. They will not count as a looted items. Anyone who violates these loot rules will not be welcome to come to future raids.

These are drunken open raids. Please bear this in mind. Some people will be drinking and carrying on. Enjoy the fun.

Also we will be using teamspeak 3 to give most of the instructions for raids. The info will be posted before we start.