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What's Zigie playing? - IRON BLADE

Post by Zigie » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:29 am

With our short break I've had a few games I've been wanting to play for a while.


This is one I've messed with off and on for the past 2 years. Took all of 2 months to cap out the levels and campaign.
Then it takes a long time to get set pieces to max min what you want to use on your 8 equipment pieces and grind level them up to max.

It's a french-euro setting so cathedrals and bell towers, gargoyles and other very cool enemies.
The gear, each one has a skill or ability for you to mix and match to your own playstyle.
It plays on Ios, android, windows PC so you can take your account all over and play when you want, as long as your energy has refilled.
I've never spent a single penny the entire time I've been playing, you can earn everything in game, and watching adds for free ruby to buy stuff is optional.

Game Combat consists of the game picking your next opponent, and your ability to switch off from that target is limited to blocking into another target for combat. You decide, main hand attack, offhand attack, bow, block, or special attack if charged. Then on to the next and the next, clear a wave, clear so many waves and mission ends. Higher level campaigns, more waves with more numbers in each wave, so on. Scenes change each mission and there are themes within the game and campaign levels.

Part of the game is Rock-Paper-shotgun. There are 3 colors to arms and armor, needing different materials to evolve, and each one is weaker or stronger to another color...red beats blue, blue beats yellow, yellow beats red, circle.
But once you gear up in all legendary gear, the power level makes it so that switching becomes senseless and you just get 1 master gear set and just level that one.
If you are into min-maxing out a toon on a game, this is an addictive one to play, and lucky if you keep it free, limits how often you can play in between taking a break for energy recharges.

I was impress how graphical the game was both in scenery and in GORE factor.
Beheadings, lift and slices, arms, legs, splatter fests. Lovely.

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