What's Zigie playing? - IRATUS: Lord of the Dead.

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What's Zigie playing? - IRATUS: Lord of the Dead.

Post by Zigie » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:10 am

With our short break I've had a few games I've been wanting to play for a while.


Pretty cool little rogue-like random mapped 4v4 minion battles. You play a Necro come back from the dead and raising your army from your fallen foes.
You can kill your foes by either physical or magical damage, or through distress force them to go insane.
Causing them to flee, skip turns, turn on their friends, or explode from insanity.

It has some crafting, some building, power tech trees, troop and main necro upgrades.
It's pretty easy to see how it all gels and forms together, but even on the easy difficulty level to get a feel for it, its quite a LONG game and the higher levels are stompers.
If you see it on sale on steam or GOG and are looking for a cool little game to get lost in for a week or 3...give this one a try.

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