Application Requirements

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Application Requirements

Post by Allayna » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:53 pm

We are an end-game, progression race, raiding guild located on the Xegony server. We focus on progression and competition for the #1 spot each year! We are currently clearing ToV Tier 1/2/3. We raid time sensitive targets as well: Anniversary Raids, Hardcore Heritage etc. We have and will split raid some time sensitive content to ensure all mains get the gear they're after. We are also competitive in getting achievements completed for members each year! We have been raiding on alts as well, clearing ToV a second time around!

Machin Shin raids with a versatile raiding force that gears mains and alts with our loot system. The loot system allows members to gear alts and play alts during split raiding. Split raiding means we will double up targets with a second raid force. The value of that is it allows players to play another character and give us more flexibility on events. Split raiding also allows us to keep members interested over the long farm times of current EQ from one expansion release to the next.

Raids are Sunday from 5:45 pm to 9:00 pm EST and Monday from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm EST. Beta and Progression will be increased number of raid days. Days and times will vary according to beta and progression schedule. Once progression is complete, we go back to the standard 2 days per week.

If you are interested in raiding the least amount of time for the greatest rewards we are the guild for you.

If you have any questions regarding Machin Shin please contact:

Guild Leader: Elkar
Raid Leader: Lianeb
Other Officers: Allayna, Blakn, Harelor, Pluralist, Tuona
Class Leaders: Remien, Rusco, Cadira, Caio, Cragzop, Lumcea, Ofearl
Please contact Elkar, any officer, or class leader directly about recruitment.

Recruitment Status:

Open to exceptional players (we are flexible with split raiding.)

All classes are currently open for exceptional players. We are looking to pick up new members. The class you play isn't important. Our guild has the flexibility to make room for any class. What is important is you. We want the best people. If you believe you are qualified contact us today.

Exceptional Player Traits:

We are looking for 3 traits. The first is a positive attitude. If you believe drama is a class you take in school and not something that belongs in a guild, you may be exceptional. The second is commitment. If you show up for raids AND in the off hours to improve yourself and help others, you may be exceptional. The last thing is skill. Can you perform at an exceptional level for your gear? If a player is all three of these things in our eyes they are exceptional.

General Requirements:

* Good Humor. Raiding is the only thing we take seriously. Our guild chat is NSFW (not safe for work) and we don't censor it for children etc.

* Playtime. This is the only non-negotiable requirement. We currently raid Sunday from 5:45pm to 9:00 pm EST and Monday from 6:45pm to 9:00 pm EST, while in farm mode. At new expansion release, we raid when lockouts are down, until the expansion is complete. You MUST be able to make a bare-minimum of 70% of our raids to apply. As a full member you will be required to maintain this to retain bidding rights and 50% to stay active.

* Dedication. You need to actually enjoy playing and improving your character, and want to raid. Character development is crucial: Augs, Appropriate AAs for your Class, Progression.

* Adaptability. You don't need to have tons of raiding experience, so long as you can learn fast and follow directions.

* Ability to Listen. You must be willing and able to pay attention and listen to directions.

* Skill. You must be skilled and experienced at playing your class.

Specific Requirements:

* Level. You must be level 115.

* AAs. You should have max AA or very near max AA before applying.

* Gear. While we do not require that you have raid gear to apply, neither will we accept a naked character. Additionally, certain classes may be required to have specific items such as Epics. Please inquire with the recruitment team about your class.

* Expansions. You must have the current expansion and be able to immediately purchase any new expansions that are released.

* Progression: The current expansion progression should be completed or nearly completed to apply.

* Ability to Drop Aggro. Fade, Feign Death, etc.

* Ability to Gate. Spell, AA, Clicky, etc.

* Ability to Invis. Spell, AA, Clicky, etc.

* Ability to Shrink. Spell, AA, Clicky, etc.