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Submit an Application

Post by Allayna » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:46 pm

How to Submit an Application

Having read over the requirements and policies, if you meet them and are still interested in applying:

* Register an account on this forum, using your EverQuest character's first name as the account name. If you use anything else your username will be changed and it will be a black mark on your application because you didn't read.

* Once your forum account is activated, log into the main site using the same login as you registered to the forums.

* Click on the apply tab on your toolbar.

* Fill out the application as thoroughly and completely as possible.

I filled out the application. What now?

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by the recruitment team. In the mean time please feel free to group and speak with our members so they can get to know you.

The next step in the application process is a voice interview in teamspeak. This is our opportunity to ask you questions and give you a feel for the guild as well as your opportunity to ask questions about the guild.

If all goes well, you will be invited into the guild for your app period. This period is to judge how well you fit into the guild, and to let our members get to know you better. You will be given limited access to our member forums and:

* You must create a post in the recruits forum with "Yourname - Updates" as the title. This is your specific thread to relay information to the guild. It is to be used for character flagging, aa, faction, and zone key updates as well as notes to the guild if you are going to miss large time off from raids due to real life events, etc. This post should be updated at least weekly during your app period.

* You will be assigned a Mentor of your class. This is the person you will go to with any questions on how to improve your character, how not to mess up on raids, etc. They will be your big sibling for the duration of your app period.

* You earn points in our point system the same as a full member during this period, but you will only be permitted to bid with other applicants.

* Your application stage will last a minimum of 30 days from your first raid, unless your application is terminated prematurely or extended, solely at the officers' discretion, up to a maximum of 60 days. We typically look at this in cycles, as in, if we clear all of an expansion in 1 day, you would have to raid 4 full cycles.

* You must have at least 70% 30 day raid attendance.
* You must have a minimum of 25000 AA and be level 115 to even be tagged. The TRUE AA requirement and distribution will come from your Class Leader.
* You must be in the top 80% of your class, whether that means cast logs, dps, tanking proficiency, etc. This does not mean Magelo rankings!
* You will not even be considered for Full Member status until you've completed all requirements; this includes, but is not limited to: AA requirements, flagging/progression, the minimum 30 day period, etc.

During your Application period, Full Members, Class Leaders and Officers will be posting their experiences with you, good or bad. Based on these reviews the guild leadership will hold a vote at the end of your app period whether to extend, terminate or approve your application to FM.